About the Corporate Scorecards

The World Bank Group is developing a new corporate scorecard to track progress on our new vision and mission with rigor and transparency. For the first time, the work of all World Bank Group financing institutions will be tracked through the same set of indicators. The new scorecard will track the Bank’s overarching vision of ending poverty on a livable planet. The new scorecard will be implemented in phases, representing an important milestone for the World Bank Group to redouble its focus on accountability and impact. 



The centerpiece of the scorecard will be 22 indicators designed to evaluate our work better. These indicators will show the progress of our work in the most critical development areas like access to electricity, clean drinking water, quality of education, and food security. These select indicators take a ‘people-centered’ approach, focusing on improvements in the well-being of people in client countries.


The new scorecard builds on previous efforts to determine our progress, but with greater selectivity, rigor, and transparency.  The indicators have been carefully selected through wide consultation with shareholders and partners. The goal is to measure key outcomes, manage with evidence, and communicate results.


The new scorecard will also have complementary indicators that will focus on our vision—poverty, prosperity, and the effects of climate change on the planet. Linked to this are indicators that track our country clients’ development challenges, including food insecurity, learning poverty, and uneven access to electricity.


Finally, quantifiable indicators will be complemented by qualitative analysis describing cross-cutting impacts such as policy reforms, institution building, and market transformations.


Data availability

All the data and the underlying methodologies will be available in a user-friendly online platform that will make it easier to harmonize results measurement with other multilateral development banks and partners. Users will be able to dis/aggregate the figures by several variables and create visualizations.  


The WBG will report the first results in the coming months and expect to have all the data ready to share at the 2024 IMF-World Bank Annual Meetings. Annual updates will be released from FY24 until FY30, the final year of reporting of the Sustainable Development Goals.